EEA Meeting 2024 Thessaloniki, Greece

This year’s annual EEA Scientific Meeting will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, from 22nd to 24th of October, by the Environmental Organisation iSea, with the aim to bring together the scientific community and other stakeholders working with sharks, rays and chimaeras around Europe and the Mediterranean.

The EEA 2024 Scientific meeting motto is “Stronger collaboration for better conservation” focusing to bring together not only an increased number of experienced scientists and other stakeholders from different fields of shark and ray research and conservation, but also give an advanced role to younger researchers that will have the opportunity to better meet the EEA community and the most recent results of their work. This year’s aim is also focused on increasing the participation and the scientific input from data-poor areas and countries that are not highly represented within the EEA community and thus researchers from the Balkans, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East will be invited and encouraged to participate.

Key Dates: 21-24 October 2024

Early Bird Registration: 30 June 2024

Abstract submission deadline: 15 July 2024

Find out more about registration, travel, and accommodation at the iSea website

NOTE: Applications for the Student Bursary must be done through the EEA website at Student Travel Bursary. For a successful application you need to be registered for the conference and have submitted all documents.